Poll! Snarky Florals Part 2!

The snarky florals theme was so popular I’m extending it another three months, so vote for your faves in the poll below to pick the designs for July, August, and September!

You’ll recognize the first four designs (1-4) from the Q2 poll, but the last four (5-8) are all brand spanky new!

Poll closes Sunday 5/26 at 11:59pm EST!

1-4 are repeats, 5–8 are brand new designs!

May beeswax flair is on the way!

You may have seen a shipment notification from me today — the May beeswax flair has shipped and will be heading to members’ mailboxes this week!

And if you’d like to grab another one for yourself or a fun little gift, extras are available below!

June chaos flair update!

The June chaos pins and stickers are in production and should be headed to me very soon! You all seem to like the unboxing reels I share on Instagram so I’ll be sure to keep doing those as new products come in!

Below is a layout for the June enamel pins. They will have some very tiny printed details in the leaves and flowers and are going to be soooo pretty! I’m *heart eyes emoji* over the cool color scheme yeeps picked for this one.

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