Kickass Flair Club: Current Month Only • Pin and/or Sticker

Check the current month’s design here!


Grab this listing to get an awesome 1.5-inch enamel pin and/or 3-inch vinyl sticker of the current month’s design without the subscription!

Each Kickass Flair Club pin and sticker is brand new and never-before-seen. All designs are illustrated by me, Christine Parker.

Because this product is a single purchase and not a subscription, flair is being offered at full price with no additional perks or discounts.

Want more flair? Join Kickass Flair Club and get cool stuff in the mail every single month at a discount! PLUS all members get kickass bonus perks for subscribing, like coupons, voting rights, access to exclusive members only merch, and more!

Check the current month’s design here!



Purchase this listing any time during the month to receive the current month’s flair design in the mail in a couple of weeks. You will receive the flair design for the current month only, based on the date on your order confirmation.

For example, if you want April’s sticker, you must purchase this listing by the end of the day on April 30.
If the date on your order confirmation is April 30, you will receive the April design. If the date of your order is May 1, you will receive the May design. Capisce?




All stickers are printed in full color with UV stable inks on heavy duty vinyl with strong adhesive backing and finished with laminate for extra durability and to protect your sticker from splits, scratches, and bad weather.

Hard enamel pins are die struck in shiny black gunmetal, overfilled with colored enamel, and polished down to a smooth surface. They come with two backing attachments to prevent your pin from shifting around. Rubber closures included to avoid snags.



Stickers are durable and waterproof but not dishwasher safe so we recommend washing by hand if you stick it on a water bottle or mug.
Hard enamel pins are pretty durable but can be prone to scratching. If you wear it or display it somewhere portable, try not to bang it against anything that might scratch it.



All stickers are approximately 3 in (7.6 cm).
All pins are approximately 1.5 in. (4 cm).



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