August color poll: Fresh out of f*cks peony

I’m back on my peach and teal bullshit. That’s the color scheme for the summer, I guess! Here’s your poll for the August design! This is the penultimate snarky flowers design (there’s one more in September) and then we’ll have a new theme for the last quarter of 2024. (How are we even talking about […]

Birthday Cake Drawing Challenge!

Today is my birthday! I’m 40??? Somehow??  To celebrate, I’m hosting my first ever Draw This In Your Style (#DTIYS) challenge! (This is an Instagram based drawing challenge, so make sure you’re following along! Find me at @christineparkerco!) 🎂HOW TO PLAY🎂 1️⃣ Draw my birthday cake art in your own style! 2️⃣ Use any medium […]

How to connect with your favorite creators despite shitty algorithms

Yeeps, it’s brutal out there. Instagram appears to be going the way of post-2016 Twitter. It’s getting harder and harder to curate your online space the way YOU want, with more and more bullshit sneaking in through the cracks. Jump to the tips! Social media used to be a nice place to connect with other […]

July Color Poll: Ask me about my extremely specific niche interests!

You should know that every time I read the caption for the July design, I hear it Jonah Hill’s voice from the lackluster 2006 comedy, Accepted: Anyway, here’s your poll for the July design! Some months I have a clear favorite that I hope wins, and some months both color schemes end up so cute […]

Poll! Snarky Florals Part 2!

The snarky florals theme was so popular I’m extending it another three months, so vote for your faves in the poll below to pick the designs for July, August, and September! You’ll recognize the first four designs (1-4) from the Q2 poll, but the last four (5-8) are all brand spanky new! Poll closes Sunday […]

Color Poll: Chaos!!!

Poll closes Saturday 5/11/24 at 11:59pm ET Pick your favorite color scheme for the June “chaos” flair! The color with the most votes when the poll closes will be turned into the enamel pin and vinyl sticker for June! The snarky floral theme has been so much fun I decided to extend it another three […]

On making Bad Art™, plus April digital downloads

I’ve been doing a lot of lettering practice lately so I thought it might be fun to share some of the stuff I’ve made that will probably never make it onto Instagram, for whatever reason: so behold, my recent “art fails” 🙌 I feel like for every one piece of portfolio quality art I complete, […]

Big changes for Kickass Flair Club!

Big changes are coming to Kickass Flair Club! Get comfy, this is a long one. 😂 Goodbye Digital Rewards Membership The digital rewards membership add-on is going bye bye. Sort of. Going forward, your flair club membership and all related bonus perks are now included in the price of your monthly flair. The list of […]

Fuck it up, buttercup! New color poll!

Behold! Your winning snarky floral designs for Q2! April: Fuck It Up, ButtercupMay: Mind Your Own BeeswaxJune: I Am Going To Cause Chaos On Purpose (this feels appropriate for my birth month) Vote for your favorite buttercup color! Vote for your favorite color scheme for the April buttercup design! The color with the most votes […]

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