Big changes for Kickass Flair Club!

Big changes are coming to Kickass Flair Club! Get comfy, this is a long one. 😂 Goodbye Digital Rewards Membership The digital rewards membership add-on is going bye bye. Sort of. Going forward, your flair club membership and all related bonus perks are now included in the price of your monthly flair. The list of […]

Fuck it up, buttercup! New color poll!

Behold! Your winning snarky floral designs for Q2! April: Fuck It Up, ButtercupMay: Mind Your Own BeeswaxJune: I Am Going To Cause Chaos On Purpose (this feels appropriate for my birth month) Vote for your favorite buttercup color! Vote for your favorite color scheme for the April buttercup design! The color with the most votes […]

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OMG I’m so behind I’m sorry!

September Flair shipping soon! I am so embarrassed. This is the latest I’ve ever been on shipping the current month’s flair! (Except for when KAFC was still on Patreon and I had to ship it the following month… BUT STILL!) I’m way behind on everything because I had to watch my nibling for two weeks […]

Annual Patreon members: it’s time to migrate! 🥳

Annual Patreon members, I’m ready for you to join the new membership site over at! Here’s what you should do: 1) Go to  2) Create an account 3) DO NOT BUY ANYTHING YET – all you have to do today is create a free account! 4) Let me know when your new account […]