Big changes for Kickass Flair Club!

Big changes are coming to Kickass Flair Club! Get comfy, this is a long one. 😂

Goodbye Digital Rewards Membership

The digital rewards membership add-on is going bye bye. Sort of.

Going forward, your flair club membership and all related bonus perks are now included in the price of your monthly flair.

The list of bonus perks has changed, so be sure to review that below.

If you are a subscriber to the digital rewards membership or were in the past, thank you!

If you love what I do and would like to continue your monthly support, that’s awesome! Thank you so much! No action is needed on your part; your subscription will continue to renew as usual on the first of every month until you cancel.

If you would like to change or cancel your digital rewards membership, you can do so from your My Account page.

If you prepaid for a digital rewards membership and would like to cancel, please email me at and I will issue a prorated refund for the remainder of your subscription period.

There is no penalty for canceling your digital rewards membership. However, if choose to cancel your digital rewards membership, you will lose access to the bonus perks outlined below unless you are a pin/sticker subscriber as well.

Pin and sticker members will continue to receive the new bonus perks (outlined below) as part of your monthly flair-in-the-mail subscription, even if you choose to cancel the digital rewards membership portion of your subscription.

Hello New Bonus Perks!

Now included in your KAFC pin/sticker mail rewards subscription:

✦Subscribe & save! 5% off regular flair prices (new members only)
✦Prepay and save even more!
✦Get new designs before anyone else
✦Vote on themes, designs, and colors
✦Access to members only channels on Discord
✦Access to exclusive members only merch

New members will also receive an exclusive holographic KAFC logo sticker, welcome postcard, and coupon code for 20% off your next CP&co purchase from my website shop!

Price Changes

Due to the recent insane rates of inflation, for the first time ever, I am increasing my prices for pins and stickers, and new flair club subscriptions.

Nothing will change for current flair club subscriptions (including pre-paid plans).

If you have an active subscription, you will continue to enjoy the prices you have been accustomed to since you originally joined KAFC, for the remainder of your prepaid subscription period or until you cancel.

New flair club subscriptions will reflect the price increase.

Future flair club members will enjoy a 5% discount (off the updated 2024 rates) on new subscriptions, to thank you for your recurring support!

As a reminder, free shipping is always included for all US purchases, with affordable flat rate shipping for international orders.

New Prepaid Plan Options!

Prepay for your flair club subscription and save even more!

You now have the option to pay for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time.

✦ 3 months — save 5%
✦ 6 months — save 10%
✦ 12 months — save 15%

If you choose the annual plan, that’s like getting *two months free*!

New Discord Server!

We have a brand spanky new Discord server, and it’s better than ever and FREE for everyone!

No longer locked behind a membership paywall, this community is now free and open to all.

Introducing, the Kickass Social Clubhouse on Discord! *confetti*

Join the Kickass Social Clubhouse here:

The new server will focus on curiosity, creativity, and community, with channels for sharing your digital and analog art, yarn craft projects, sewing and embroidery patterns, general arts and crafts like sculpting clay or friendship bracelet making, and even a place for destashing your unused supplies.

There is also an area for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs to connect and support each other, including virtual coworking spaces and channels for accountability and productivity.

And of course we still have everyone’s favorite channel, Show Me Your Kitties, for sharing pics of your non-human coworkers.

You will be able to pick and choose which topics you are interested in from the new Channel Directory so only the relevant categories are visible to you.

I hope this new organized format will help you feel welcomed and safe to share your creative gifts in a community of fellow weird brained kickass humans.

I can’t wait to connect with you there!

Thx u so mush 🍄

Is that everything? I think I got it all. I am exhausted but SO EXCITED for all the fun changes coming to Kickass Flair Club. I’ve got more cool stuff percolating for CP&co in general so I’ll be sharing that with you soon too!

If you have questions about anything at all, please email me at

Thank you so much for your past and continued support. None of this would exist without yeeps and I am unceasingly grateful for everything you do to help my weird little business thrive so I can keep making weird little art for you 🥹🥰

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