Birthday Cake Drawing Challenge!

Today is my birthday! I’m 40??? Somehow??

 To celebrate, I’m hosting my first ever Draw This In Your Style (#DTIYS) challenge!

(This is an Instagram based drawing challenge, so make sure you’re following along! Find me at @christineparkerco!)


1️⃣ Draw my birthday cake art in your own style!

2️⃣ Use any medium and colors you’d like – make it your own!

3️⃣ Or you can steal my color palette! Download for free below!

4️⃣ Share your artwork on Instagram using my original design as your second image

5️⃣ Make sure to tag me @christineparkerco and use hashtag #CP40DTIYS so I can see and share it!

Prefer to color instead of draw? I made you a free coloring page too!

Download the free goodies below!

  • Procreate color palette .swatches file
  • Printable color palette PDF/JPG with hex codes
  • Printable PDF coloring page 
  • Transparent PNG coloring page to import into your favorite coloring app

I can’t wait to see what you create!

P.S. there’s only four candles on my birthday cake because I was not about to draw 40 of them 😂

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