Mysterious Mysteries, Seconds Pins, & New Stuff Coming Soon

May flair photos! The May banned books flair has started shipping out and I’m so happy it’s headed your way because it’s so stinking cute! The purple colorway won for the June “ungovernable” book — I already have the stickers in hand and they’re awesome! Make sure your payment method and shipping address are up […]

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Annual Patreon members: it’s time to migrate! 🥳

Annual Patreon members, I’m ready for you to join the new membership site over at! Here’s what you should do: 1) Go to  2) Create an account 3) DO NOT BUY ANYTHING YET – all you have to do today is create a free account! 4) Let me know when your new account […]

April flair pics!

Here’s a little preview of the first imaginary book design for April! They turned out SO CUTE. The “101 ways” pins and stickers will start shipping in May.