Mystery Sticker 3-pack! Surprise, bitch!

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Are you a sticker stan? Do you LOVE the thrill and suspense of a mysterious mystery? Then you need a surprise mystery sticker pack – get three surprise stickers for a super discounted price!

Each sticker 3 pack contains three unique stickers – no duplicates in each pack! If you buy more than one pack at a time, I can’t guarantee there won’t be dupes in your order since these mystery packs are put together ahead of time — I don’t even know what’s in them when I send them to you!

What to do with all these stickers?
Slap your stickers on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, travel mug, car bumper, cell phone case, boat hull, road sign, or any other clean, smooth surface that needs a bit of colorful attitude. Stickers are fun to collect and give as gifts!

All stickers are designed and illustrated by me, Christine Parker and printed in full color with UV stable inks on heavy duty vinyl with strong adhesive backing and finished with laminate for extra durability and to protect your sticker from splits, scratches, and bad weather.

CARE: Stickers are durable and waterproof but NOT dishwasher safe so we recommend washing by hand if you stick it on a water bottle or mug.

SIZE: Approximately 3 in (7.6 cm).

Due to the nature of mysterious mysteries, I will not be accepting returns/exchanges or issuing refunds for Mystery Sticker Packs! Please be super sure you like surprises before purchasing!

Also, heads up for profanity! Like all my other products, there might be swear words.