How It Works & FAQs


Holy shit, hi! Welcome to Kickass Flair Club! Thank you so much for your support! Your generous subscription helps fund my silly art and allows me to design new hilarious stuff for you every month! I’m so excited & grateful you’re here!

Please read this welcome post carefully as it will explain everything you need to know about joining Kickass Flair Club and how it works.

How It Works

Kickass Flair Club is kind of like a pre-order, only better, because you get to be included in the design process!

There are two ways to join:

  • Subscription – get products in the mail!
  • Membership – get bonus content & digital rewards!

You can join both, or one or the other depending on what rewards/goodies/benefits you’d like to receive!

The subscription option is for products. This means as a subscriber, you will receive physical goods (flair!) in the mail for every month you are subscribed.

The membership option is an optional upgrade that gives you the ability to create an account where you’ll be able to log in and access a bunch of bonus content like special blog posts, a dedicated email newsletter, coupons, free downloads, access to the Secret Shop, and the Kickass Flair Clubhouse, a private online community on Discord.

Members also get to vote on quarterly themes, monthly sketches, and even decide the final color scheme for each month’s flair!

Enamel pins and vinyl stickers make great gifts and are fun to collect!

Mail rewards for each month are shipped at the beginning of the following month. If you join a club tier in the middle of the month, you’ll receive a shipping notification for your first month’s flair when the next batch goes out (at the beginning of the following month).

After that, your card will be charged automatically on the 1st of each following month and you will continue to receive mail rewards for the months for which you are charged (until you manually cancel your subscription).

Member Responsibilities

If it’s not, you won’t get your flair! I cannot afford to send replacement flair due to wrong addresses, so please make sure yours is right before subscribing!

If you move or change addresses, it is your responsibility to update your shipping address BEFORE you are charged for the following month. I cannot change shipping addresses after you are charged!

You can update your shipping address by logging in to your account at

Once your credit card is charged on the first of the month, I cannot offer refunds, cancellations, or exchanges, so if you want to cancel your subscription, you must do so BEFORE you are charged for the following month.

When you subscribe to a tier, your payment method will be charged immediately for the current month and again on the first of the month EVERY MONTH until you manually cancel your subscription. If your payment is denied, please make sure you update your payment method by the 5th of the month or you will not be charged for that month and will not receive the monthly mail rewards. ☹

Please be kind and courteous to me and your fellow members in this community. We’re all just doing our best, and your patience and understanding is appreciated. Folks of all races, genders, colors, sexualities, religions, ages, abilities, and more are welcome in my space and I expect all member interactions to be tolerant and respectful. I reserve the right to ban anyone who chooses not to cooperate with this or any other rule.

You can check, manage, change, switch, pause, or cancel your subscription and membership status by logging into your account here.

Flair FAQs

[fle(ə)r] noun

Miniature pieces of art, worn or displayed to let a motherfucker know.


It will be different every month! In 2022, we started doing quarterly themes as voted on by patrons. Once the theme is chosen, I sketch up some doodly designs and patrons vote on their favorites. The three designs with the most votes will become the designs for the next three months, one design per month. And each month, patrons get to vote on their favorite color scheme for each design!

I really like doodling animals, food, and household objects, and pairing them with funny or offensive captions, so that’s likely where we’ll start.

All stickers are approximately 3 in (7.6 cm) in size. They are printed in full color with UV stable inks on heavy duty vinyl with strong adhesive backing and finished with matte laminate for extra durability and to protect your sticker from splits, scratches, and bad weather.

Stickers are durable, waterproof, and scratch resistant but not dishwasher safe so we recommend washing by hand if you stick it on a water bottle or mug.

Slap this sticker on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, travel mug, car bumper, cell phone case, boat hull, storage locker, or any other clean, smooth surface that needs a bit of colorful attitude.

I love the high-quality look and feel of hard enamel pins, so that’s always my first choice, but sometimes the art will be too intricate or detailed for hard enamel, in which case I will order soft enamel pins instead. I’ll let you know whenever that happens!

Hard enamel pins are die struck in shiny black gunmetal, overfilled with colored enamel, and polished down to a smooth surface.

Soft enamel pins are die struck in raised black gunmetal with recessed colored enamel. Because the enamel is recessed, soft enamel pins are able to support more intricate details than hard enamel pins.

Each pin is approximately 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) and comes with two backing attachments to prevent your pin from shifting around. Rubber closures included to avoid snags.

Each pin comes packaged and ready for gift-giving mounted on a decorative card and enclosed in a crystal clear resealable cello baggie.

Hard enamel pins are pretty durable but can be prone to scratching. If you wear it or display it somewhere portable, try not to bang it against anything that might scratch it.

All pins come with two rubber clutches on the back so your pin won’t shift around, but with a lot of jostling they might come loose. For a more permanent solution, I recommend investing in some locking pin backers.

Pins are like little pieces of art you can stab through any fabric! Display them on your denim jacket, canvas tote bag, hang them on a banner on your wall, make a “pin hoop” with an embroidery hoop and some old fabric, stick it on your purse or project bag, wear it on your coat lapel, pin it to a scarf or shawl, or even your living room curtains!

Subscription FAQs

Yes! Non-US residents enjoy flat rate shipping: $10 to addresses in Canada, and $20 everywhere else in the world.

Please note: non-US residents are responsible for any additional duties, taxes, & customs fees.

If you purchased a month-to-month subscription, it will renew on the first day of the month.

If you purchased an annual subscription, it will renew exactly one year from the date of purchase.

Subscriptions automatically renew every month (or year) until you cancel. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

You can check the status of your subscriptions by visiting the Subscriptions tab of your Account page, or by clicking here.

Mail rewards for each month are shipped at the beginning of the following month. If you join a club tier in the middle of the month, you’ll receive a shipping notification for your first month’s flair when the next batch goes out (at the beginning of the following month).

If you are subscribed to a pin tier, you will receive a shipping notification email when your package has shipped. Single stickers are mailed without tracking and will not receive a shipping notification email. Please watch the KAFC blog for other important shipping updates!

Tracking info depends on your flair:

Flat items like stickers are shipped via USPS First Class Mail without tracking or shipping notification emails.

Pins are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, so you will receive a shipping notification email with a tracking number when your flair is on the way.

If you don’t receive a tracking notification, please check your trash and spam folders and verify that your email address on file is correct. Email me at for any shipping issues.

You can expect to receive your flair around the middle of the following month for which your card was charged.

For example: if your card was charged on February 15, you have purchased the February flair and can expect to receive your February package sometime in early- to mid-March.

I personally check every single sticker and pin with my own eyes before shipping, so if by some miracle I miss something and send you a turd or your flair is damaged in the mail, please email me at with a picture of the damage and I will send you a replacement free of charge!

If you subscribed late or missed a month, never fear! I will have a limited quantity of extra flair and will list these for sale in my web shop a month or two after subscribers have received it.

What if I only want one month’s flair and I don’t want to be a continuing subscriber?

Once you subscribe, your credit card will automatically charged for the current month and again on the first of the month EVERY MONTH until you manually opt out, so if you only want one month’s rewards, you have a couple of options:

  1. Subscribe only for the month(s) you want and cancel your subscription after your credit card is charged (and before it’s charged again for the following month), or
  2. Don’t subscribe at all and wait to see if I will have leftovers available in my shop at the end of the month. No risk of extra subscription charges, but I cannot guarantee I will have extra items available for individual purchase.

You can check the status of your subscriptions or make changes by visiting the Subscriptions tab of your Account page, or by clicking here.

When you become a member of KAFC, you be able to log in to your membership account which will give you instant access to the super secret membership area. There will be a big old link inviting you to connect to the Kickass Flair Clubhouse Discord server! (Email me at if you can’t find it.)

Other FAQs

In the event your package does not arrive when expected, please email me at and I will check your tracking info if available.

You can update your shipping information by logging in and visiting the Addresses tab of your account page, or by clicking here.

You can update your payment information by logging in and visiting the Payment Methods tab of your account page, or by clicking here.

Because I am a small business based out of Ohio, at this time only Ohio residents must pay sales tax on their online purchases at

Returns are handled on a case by case basis. If for some reason you are deeply unhappy with your purchase, please email me at within 7 days of delivery and we’ll figure it out!

Please email me at! This is the fastest & most reliable way to reach me. 

Please do not contact me about your order or account issues via Instagram, Discord, or other social media. I am only able to handle support inquiries via email.