Kickass Flair Club Membership • Digital Rewards Subscription

IMPORTANT: Please read the club FAQ carefully before subscribing!

$3.00 now, and $3.00 on the 1st of each month

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The Kickass Flair Club membership is like throwing a couple bucks into the tip jar every month. For less than the price of a fancy coffee, you get access to the Kickass Flair Clubhouse, a super special members only community for the coolest people in the land.


Your KAFC monthly membership includes:

✦Full access to the Kickass Flair Clubhouse members area

✦Private Discord community for virtual hangs

✦Unlock ALL private blog posts

✦Behind-the-scenes VIP content including looks at upcoming projects, sneak peeks at new designs, and more

✦Access to the super secret members only shop with downloadable freebies and special merch

✦The ability to vote on upcoming flair themes, designs, and even colors!

✦Automatic 10% off every purchase at while your membership is active


You will get instant access to all of the above as soon as your payment goes through. Your membership (and access to your member benefits) will remain active as long as your subscription is active.